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The Benefits of Inspecting Your Plumbing

Are you currently experiencing issues with your plumbing, or are you looking to avoid future issues?

Clogged drains are inevitable. No matter whether you live in San Jose, Santa Clara or anywhere else in the Silicon Valley - you’re bound to have clogged drains at your home.

When that day comes, you’re going to need to identify what’s causing the clogged drain. It’s not enough to know that your drain is clogged. You also need to know where the clog is, and in addition, what type of material the clog consists of.

A plumbing video inspection in San Jose is a thorough and safe option for inspecting your plumbing systems. With this more advanced inspection method, you can easily find the cause of your plumbing problems or even catch issues before they occur. Our expert plumbing team at Dependable Rooter & Plumbing uses hi-tech equipment in order to ensure that our services are performed as effectively as possible!

With a video inspection, you can:

  • Choose a less invasive method of inspecting your pipes
  • Avoid a guessing game and get answers fast
  • Detect leaks early, which can help avoid higher costs down the road
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If you're experiencing plumbing problems or want to be proactive with your plumbing needs. Give us a CALL today!