Your Plumbing System Doesn't Follow a Schedule

As a result, plumbing problems often occur at the most inconvenient times, such as after normal business hours or on weekends. If you have a problem such as an overflowing toilet or a busted pipe, you simply can’t wait for a regular appointment with the plumber. This is when you need emergency plumbing services from the experts at Dependable Rooter & Plumbing!

Plumbing problems come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Sometimes a small leak is an indication of a faulty water line that needs to be fully replaced. So if you find yourself facing any of the following signs, then please give our professional technicians a call:

  • Leaks
  • Overflowing fixtures
  • Flooding
  • Septic backup
  • Septic flooding
  • Burst pipes

What to do if you have a plumbing emergency?


If you have plumbing issues that need immediate assistance, you can rely on the plumbing professionals at Dependable Rooter & Plumbing located in Sacramento, CA. We are here to make sure you have the help you need when you need it most!

Through our emergency plumbing services, you receive the following:

  • Fast response (no need to wait for an appointment)
  • Highly qualified plumbers who provide quality work
  • A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Plumbing Emergency - Plumber in Sacramento, CA - Dependable Rooter & Plumbing

Plumbing Emergencies

A plumbing emergency can strike at any time, and if not professionally addressed, could soon become a water damage disaster. To get your home or business up running again fast, Dependable Rooter & Plumbing of Sacramento, CA offers 24-hour emergency plumbing service. Knowing that a quick response can be the difference between a small clean up and extensive water damage repair, Dependable Rooter & Plumbing will come out to your residence or business quickly. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, commercial or residential, Dependable Rooter & Plumbing of Sacramento, CA will be happy to help!

Plumbing problems get worse over time. So if you are seeing any sign of emergency plumbing in Sacramento CA, then do not hesitate to give us a CALL today!