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Citrus Heights Water Heaters

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Citrus Heights water heaters are necessary appliances in any modern home or business. From heating water for bathing and showers to sanitizing dishes, hot water is a necessity. When it comes to fast and reliable water heater services like repairs, replacements, and maintenance, you can always count on the professionals here at Dependable Rooter & Plumbing. We’re even accredited by the Better Business Bureau! So, what are you waiting for? If you have any issues with your Citrus Heights water heaters, then please contact us ASAP!

Types of Water Heaters in Citrus Heights

There are two main types of water heaters in Citrus Heights. They are tankless water heaters and traditional water heaters. The differences between the two are:

  • Traditional Water Heaters in Citrus Heights
    Traditional water heaters are the most common type of water heater in Citrus Heights. They heat water using gas or electricity and then store said heated water in a storage tank for later use. These types of water heaters are best for homes and businesses that use more than 40 gallons of hot water a day.
  • Tankless Water Heaters
    Tankless water heaters are just what they sound like: water heaters that don’t store water in a tank. These water heaters are also known as on-demand water heaters since they provide hot water on a per-need basis. Tankless water heaters are best used for homes and businesses that use fewer than 40 gallons of water a day.

When is Citrus Heights Water Heater Repair Required?

Figuring out when you need Citrus Heights water heater repair can be a headache-inducing experience. If you’re concerned with your water heater, then it’s best to just give us a call right away. And, if your water heater is showing any of the following signs of trouble, then you should also contact us for water heater repair in Citrus Heights:

  • No hot water when called
  • Smelly or foul-tasting hot water
  • Rust colored or cloudy hot water
  • Strange noises coming from your water heater
  • Leaks and/or flooding around your water heater

Do You Currently Need Water Heater Replacement in Citrus Heights?

Knowing when you need Citrus Heights water heater replacement is just as crucial as knowing when you need repairs. Common reasons for water heater replacement in Citrus Heights include:

  • Age – If your water heater is over 10-years-old, then it is probably time to consider replacing it.
  • Constant Repairs – If you need to call us out for Citrus Heights water heater repair more than a few times a year, then you may need to consider a replacement.
  • Efficiency – Another good reason to consider Citrus Heights water heater replacement is energy efficiency. Newer models are more efficient.

Contact Us for any Services Regarding Your Citrus Heights Water Heaters Today!

Here at Dependable Rooter & Plumbing, we pride ourselves on being the go-to company for all things Citrus Heights water heaters. From repairs to replacements, we have you covered! So, what are you waiting for? Get ahold of our team of reliable Citrus Heights water heater professionals today!

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