What Type Of Water Heater Is Best For You?

Make A Change For The Better Chances are you never think about your water heater, that is until you find the icy water of Antarctica pouring out of your shower head. We’ve all been enjoying a nice, warm, relaxing shower when bam, our water heater runs out of the good stuff. The only thing left […]

Reasons To Consider Sewer Repair

An Issue with Your Sewer Should Be Taken Care Of Immediately Are your drains flowing slowly? Or maybe there’s an unexplainable smell wafting through your home. If there’s a problem with their sewer line, chances are they’re aware of it long before you call a plumber. So why, then, do so many people put off […]

Why Shouldn’t You Use Chemical Drain Cleaners?

The Chemicals You’re Washing Down Your Drain Are Making Your Pipes, and Health, Worse. Your pipes are clogged, and you want to get rid of the blockage ASAP, so you pour a bottle of chemical cleaner down your drain. Problem solved, right? Wrong! Very, very wrong, reader. Those chemical cleaners that we use to avoid […]

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Got Smelly Drains? Here’s What You Can Do About Them

You come home one day and enter your house when bam, it hits you. Your. Home. Stinks. You didn’t notice it before because you were staying home, but now that you have a few lung-fulls of air in you, you can’t avoid it. After a little snooping around, you realize that it’s your drains. You […]

What Is Hydro-Jetting And Why Do I Need It?

Clogged Sewer Lines Are No Match For A Hydro-Jet Most people are quick to reach for a bottle of drain cleaner whenever they have a clogged drain. Unfortunately, the toxic chemicals in those bottles rarely do the job and, more often than not, make the problem worse. When it comes to larger clogs, drain cleaners […]

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Signs of a Broken Sewer Line

When it comes to broken sewer lines, there are several signs you should always be on the lookout for. Unfortunately, most home and business owners are woefully unaware of the different signs of a broken sewer line. So, to help rectify this little problem, the team of plumbing professionals here at Dependable Rooter & Plumbing […]